Monday, June 6, 2011

Twitter etiquette

So, as I mentioned, I am new to Twitter. I am not one to intentionally disregard social rules, but since I have no idea what the rules are, I may have already acted disgracefully on Twitter.

Here are three questions I hope you can answer for me:

1. If you follow someone who is kind of a cyber-celebrity, can you reply to her tweets, knowing she doesn't follow you and has no idea who you are? Does one make friends or enemies this way?

2. Is there a "narcissism limit"? In other words, do people tire of hearing one-liners about the twit's life, or is this the purpose of Twitter?

3. Is it possible to tweet too many times in one day? For instance, say one is a stay-at-home mom and is looking for adult interaction. Can she tweet five times? A dozen times? Please don't say the limit is two. Because then I might start mass texting everyone in my phone, and no one wants that.

Your help would be greatly appreciated as I would prefer not to make a fool of myself in yet another venue.

I thank you, and my (three) followers thank you.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Your followers can't get enough of what is happening in your life. 2. Yes, social media is narcisistic. 3. Some of my followers are celebrities, so what the heck is that about? 4. Since I am the kind of person who can eat 2 pieces of birthday cake in one day, then I say "let the tweets fly" and see what sticks. (I can also mix metaphors as much as I want.)