Friday, June 24, 2011

What we learned on our summer vacation

We learned that we can be in the ER on Thursday and out of town on Tuesday.
(Madeline couldn't breathe, so we took her to the ER. Everyone assured us she would be just fine on our trip, and she was.)

We learned that flying on a plane is still magical.
No matter how degrading flying commercially can feel, you still defy gravity and spend time in the clouds. You still look down and see the tiny houses and trees and roads. And sometimes you get invited into the cockpit to see where the magic happens. (If you're Coralie, you couldn't care less about that honor and instead ask if tiny people live in those tiny houses and could we please bring some home?)

We learned that our children are more flexible than we give them credit for being.
Kids care a lot less about schedules than we do, and as long as they have time to sleep and food to eat, they're happy.

We learned that we are not afraid to let our kids self-destruct if it is in their best interest to do so.
Madeline lived. That's all I'll say about that on this post.

We learned that all the planning in the world is worth it for one minute of wonder in our children's eyes.
I happen to enjoy the planning, but I enjoy far more watching Coralie dig in the sand, "swim" in the ocean, and dance at a wedding reception.

We learned that being with your children, away from home, deepens bonds.
I respect my children more as I learn about them more, and I am thankful to have broadened Coralie's sense of the world. I can't wait to expand Madeline's world, too.


  1. I agree. I agree. And I like.

  2. Love, love, love the photo of Coralie jumping in the puddle!