Thursday, June 16, 2011


I will admit it: I like the most popular teeny-bopper songs right now.

These are the songs I hope play on the radio as I am running. (Yes, I run with a RADIO. Maybe one day I will join this century and run with an MP-3 player?)

Please note: I have not watched these videos, so they may not be nice. I just thought if you wanted to know what the songs sounded like, you could save some time and follow these links. But I take no responsibility for what you see or hear-- remember, I hear the RADIO version. :)

-Grenade (Bruno Mars)
-Perfect (P!ink) . . . I am not linking this one because even the title has a bad word. Do they make videos of the radio versions?
-DJ's Got Us Falling in Love Again (Usher)
-Dynamite (Tiao Cruz)
-Just a Dream (Nelly)
-ET (Katy Perry) . . . this is the one I am most ashamed of
-Forget You (Cee Lo) . . . again, I am not linking this one because of the language in the title

I  am also loving these::
-Glitter in the Air (P!nk)
-The Lazy Song (Bruno Mars)
-Jar of Hearts (Christina Perry) . . . I know it's OLD now, but I still like it!

Are there any songs you hate that you love? Come on, confessing poor taste in music is cathartic!

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