Monday, June 13, 2011

Friends friending friends

We like introducing people to other people.

I am not too crazy about our friends becoming better friends with our other friends than they are with us, though. It's petty, I know, and I'm not bragging about it, but it strikes at my insecurities.

I, however, do not mind making friends with some of our friends' friends. It seems hypocritical, though.

These situations are all quite sticky, and I try to be respectful of our friends who make the introductions so they do not feel left out or abandoned.

Do you have any tips on this? Have you experienced either side of this situation? I would like to navigate all of these relational possibilities with grace, but yeah, it's not coming to me. So, comment away, you readers with doubtlessly more social grace than I.

1 comment:

  1. I have no social grace and I must admit that this happens to me too. I get jealous when I find out people hang out without me (or my fam) or if they seem to be better friends than we are! Ususally I'm overreacting and I'm still their favorite (haha) but that reaction is probably normal. Or at least I hope so!