Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Delta

The following is an actual letter I wrote to Delta Airlines.

To whom it may concern:

Like many, I am quick to complain and slow to compliment. But our experience on a recent Delta flight was so outstanding that I feel compelled to write and formally thank the crew of June 19th's Delta Flight 1215 BDL-MSP.

Upon our arrival at the gate's waiting area in Hartford, CT, pilot [I am omitting his name on the blog for his privacy] pulled us aside and asked us if we would like to take our three year-old daughter into the cockpit for some pictures during the pre-flight check. We had never been offered this before, and since this was our daughter's first plane trip, we jumped at the chance. We pre-boarded at his suggestion and made our way to the cockpit. Both pilots were so kind and offered to let Coralie touch anything she wanted. [Mr. Pilot] offered his seat to her and adjusted it so she could see out the windows and then offered his hat to her to wear for a picture. He handed her an informational card about our plane with a handwritten note on it and a set of wings.

We were so impressed with their kindness and were still in amazement over it all when the stewards saw us coming out of the cockpit. They, [insert names], are the friendliest stewards I have ever met! They doted on Coralie and snuck special treats back to us from first class. They gave us everything we could have asked for; their attentiveness was remarkable.

All in all, we were on four Delta flights during our vacation. The vast majority of Delta employees we encountered were knowledgeable, helpful, and kind, but the pilots and crew on Delta 1215 on June 19th surpassed them all. Congratulations on assembling such a fine team, and rest assured that their efforts on that short flight will have a ripple effect of goodwill towards Delta.


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