Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hello, Twitter. I have joined you.

I am "@bond_musings" (why the "_" you ask? Great question, you. I was originally "bondmusings" when I created an account more than a year ago [side note: I started a blog around the same time I joined Twitter and then promptly abandoned both until now. What is with my timing?] and have FORGOTTEN my password, and it couldn't be emailed to me because for some reason I signed up using an email account that isn't real, and so I had to create a new account.) and would love your audience.

Since I now have an inordinately large online footprint, I would like to determine my e-purposes of each medium.

1. Email is for spam and the occasional rogue authentic e-letter.
2. Facebook is for looking at other people's pictures and posting my own. Facebook is also for a very few status updates that are supposed to be relevant and comment-instigating.
3. Twitter is for practicing being clever and interesting. And for following my Internet Idols who are, by the way, clever and interesting.
4. My blog is for when I feel like waxing poetic or writing something longer or practicing my writing skills on people who already know me and therefore won't judge failed attempts.

Please note: blogging for me is spotty at best, which I also expect will be true of tweeting. Thank goodness I do not have a large fan base to disappoint with lack of activity.

I do also have a cell phone and enjoy texting. So if you don't get enough face-time with me, you can: call me, text me, facebook me, tweet me, or read my blog.

Good thing I have 24 hours a day free to manage these e-impressions! Er, I mean, these, of course, take a back seat to playing with my kids, one of whom is most certainly NOT sitting on my bed next to me watching a movie for the second time today so I can finish writing this post. I wouldn't do that.

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