Monday, May 16, 2011

Awesome things in my life, part III

God put me into the best family a baby could hope for (if babies could hope, of course).

I have two wonderful, loving parents.

My dad is funny, smart, and interesting. He has taught me that knowledge is an asset to every facet of one's life and that you won't get something if you don't ask for it. He has modeled what it looks like to have a faithful husband and involved father. He has taken our family on vacations that have cemented our bond through our shared experiences. I love when he tells stories, especially on himself. He is the best story-teller I know.

My mom has taught me that being a mother is a deliberate act, that what you put in is what you get out. She is the one who convinced my dad to take my sister and me on all those vacations. She puts thought into everything she does, from buying clothes to volunteering to cooking meals to hosting parties to RiRi-ing. She is willing to drive 12 hours to spend a week in Wichita with her daughter and granddaughters. Most importantly, perhaps, she has modeled real life. She is authentic, as a mother, a wife, a friend, a follower of Jesus. She doesn't pretend life is easier or harder than it is. She has given me courage to see reality and not fantasy. She has given me emotional health.

I have a beautiful, smart, compassionate sister. She is very different than I, but I would like to be more like her. She is a supportive wife and speaks no ill of her husband. She loves my girls and plays with them, and they adore her. She forgives me when I offend her. (I say the wrong thing too often.) And she has never made me feel bad about myself. Seriously, not once.

I also married into a good family. Ryan's parents are faithful to each other and are outstanding grandparents. They think about things they can do with the girls to create memories and show them love: Even from 400 miles away, they are involved in my girls' lives.

And Ryan's extended family is pretty awesome, too. They are very close and loving, and they all do what it takes to be together every year.

(Insert picture HERE of all of us at the lake last 4th of July. You can imagine, it, can't you?)

Yes, my family is my greatest asset. From Ryan and my girls to the Cornetts to the Bonds, I am one blessed woman. Thank you, God, for family.

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