Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Awesome things in my life, part IV

Now on to some more "lite-awesome" things in my life.

I am starting a book club with a smart, opinionated woman. I can't wait to see how it turns out! Our first meeting will be the last week of May. We are thinking themed dinners! intelligent conversation! lounging, for heaven's sake!

Ryan and I are taking Coralie to Connecticut this summer for a family wedding. It will be so CUTE to see her in an airport and on a plane! Why cute? I don't know. I can't wait for her to experience the travel, the beach, the wedding. . . she is getting old enough to remember these kinds of things, and I can't wait to watch her experience all of it. Madeline will be staying in St Louis with my parents, and it will be bittersweet to be there with Coralie and not Madeline, but I think we made a good decision to bring Coralie by herself. Madeline will be better for having spent a week with grandparents, and Coralie will be better for having spent a week with her parents.

Ryan booked a trip for the TWO of us to Vegas in November! Nevermind that Celine won't be there. We will be away! Alone! I am sure we will miss the kids terribly, but I can't even imagine what it will be like to shower when I want, eat when I want, and go where I want. No kids? No naps? No strollers and diapers and bottles? Yes, please! (And thanks to our parents for watching the most precious treasures in my life.)

We have redecorated a little and updated our house. And our house is now awesome. My two favorite things are the picture wall in our bedroom and the girls' playroom.

I've got a cool new van. Yes, I said COOL VAN. Take that, younger version of myself who thought an SUV would do the trick and was too proud to picture myself driving a van.


Actually, I can't think of too many things in my life that AREN'T awesome. I'm not a Pollyanna; I have just been handed an overflowing cup. And I do recognize that it was handed to me-- none of the awesome things in my life have been my choice (other than the van and book club, maybe!)

Thank you, God, for my life. Thank you for the PEOPLE in it, and the EXPERIENCES in it. May I always give you the credit and be content with what I have been handed, even if my life isn't always this awesome. But I hope it is. :)

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