Friday, April 15, 2011


Another musing that has been rattling around:

Someone Ryan used to work with (let's call him Hudson because I like that name) recently resigned from his job. He wasn't fired per se, but it was pretty clear that there wasn't a position for him in the new restructuring. Hudson's wife was also recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I feel bad for Hudson. Hudson feels bad for Hudson.

Ryan had lunch with Hudson the other day, and Hudson was sharing how hard things are for him right now. A sick wife, no job, it's horrible, right?

(Side note: I no longer like the name Hudson. Thank heavens I wasn't asked to name a son in the past five minutes!)

Ryan was shocked that Hudson was feeling depressed. Ryan said, "Look. You already paid off your mortgage. You don't need income right now because your wife has a great job and great insurance. Your wife's cancer was caught so early there is almost no chance of it becoming something really ugly. And you get to take care of your wife while she recovers from this surgery, right?"

Hudson said, "So?"

Ryan said, "Isn't your being out of work right now the BEST POSSIBLE situation for you guys?"

Hudson had to agree, because Ryan is always right.

While I hate that Hudson and his wife are facing job loss and cancer, Ryan IS right--there are more things to be thankful for right now than not.

I don't have some brilliant thought to end this. I wish I did, but I fear the blog would become pithy instead of a place for me to think.

Our pastor said something on Sunday that I think applies. He was referencing all of the "renewing your mind" passages and said this:
"We can't change our hearts, but we can change our minds. And God won't change our minds, but He will change our hearts once we change our minds."

I want to know the basic difference between Ryan and Hudson, and I can't put my finger on it. But if I had to be one of them, I would like to be Ryan.

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