Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ode to Barbara

When I first started reading, I did it to win pizza. I can taste that heavenly Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza right now. (I am going to call Ryan and very strongly suggest that we order pizza tonight.) Remember the Book It program?
Somewhere between the Boxcar Children, The Babysitter's Club, and the One Last Wish series, I got hooked, and not just on the pizza.

There are times in my life when I am lucky to finish The Reader's Digest (don't knock it-- that was my precious link to the outside world when Coralie had colic!), and there are times in my life when I am able to read the entire Twilight series in one week. (Who was taking care of my children? WHO?) This is one of those seasons when I am reading random books and loving it.

I just finished Barbara Bush's memoir, and I have to say I adore that woman.

I am actually writing her a letter, thanking her for writing a memoir. Nevermind that's What Former First Ladies Do. She is delightful. I suggest you read her book if you want to read about someone who held an important position but didn't take herself too seriously. She deliberately looked for the good in people, and with a husband in politics, I don't consider that to have been a small feat. She had excellent manners and still maintained quite a bit of spunk. Towards the end of her memoir, she writes a letter to her children containing all sorts of great advice about money, relationships, faith, and food. You can read it here, and I suggest you do.

Ah, where was I? Oh yes, I adore Mrs. Bush. I would like to be her when I grow up. But I would also like to avoid the many public apologies she had to make.

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