Thursday, April 14, 2011

The magic of lately

The purpose of this blog is not to post about my kids all the time; rather, it is for me to process more important thoughts that I only have time to glance at during the day, to preserve my sense of identity outside of being a wife and mom, and to practice my writing.

However. My kids are MAGICAL, and I do want to write about them.

I am so proud of Coralie-- she is so sweet to Madeline and truly loves her. Last week, Coralie asked to finish feeding Mads her bottle. Now, Madeline is not a piece of cake to feed; she slaps at everything and would rather do anything than eat.

I agreed to let Coralie try to feed her, knowing things could go south very quickly. Coralie actually did a pretty good job, as only about half of the bottle drooled out of Mads' mouth.

Anyway, at one point Madeline started grabbing at Coralie's face, and Coralie-- in all seriousness-- looked up and said, "She was trying to honk me!" SO CUTE.

(We're not the only family that honks noses, are we?)

Madeline, in turn, adores Coralie. She lets Coralie do everything short of torture and just giggles in response. My favorite thing to overhear is when I put Coralie in Madeline's crib and Coralie entertains the heck out of Madeline with a blanket and a made-up song.

Madeline's laugh is the sweetest sound on earth.

I didn't know babies came this easy. Coralie was not an easy baby, or toddler for that matter. She impresses me daily with her intelligence, thoughtfulness, vocabulary, beauty, and energy. I know every mother thinks her daughter is the superlative of the above, but I am the one who is most right. :)

Madeline asks almost nothing of us. She will cry if we walk away after playing with her or wait too long to feed her, but other than that, she's cool with the world. A-mazing baby.

She goes everywhere happily, even if it means skipping a nap. Who knew babies did that?
I. love. my. girls. They are the most special children God ever made, and I am so happy to share in their lives.

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