Monday, August 1, 2011

August Experiment

And so begins our crazy August Experiment, seeing as how it's August 1st. I suppose we could have delayed another month or two, but enough is enough, you know?

We are going credit/debit card-less this month. I know! It's crazy! But we are going to try out this whole cash-system business and see if it is worth all the praise it receives. We are pretty careful with the money we spend-- careful in that we know where every dollar goes, not careful in that we show any kind of restraint. So, in an effort to have more than $10 to offer our girls for college, we are going to try--TRY--the cash system to see if we spend any less and therefore have any more left at the end of the month. You know, for savings (or Vegas).

Ryan has been vehemently opposed to cash for as long as I remember. He even told a homeless man one time that if he didn't take credit, he wasn't getting anything from us. I don't know why Ryan hates cash so much (Ryan, if you're reading this, WHY THE HATE?), but he does, and that is why we haven't tried the cash system yet. He swears it won't make a difference in our spending, but I say it will. We are both competitive, so this month will be interesting, spending-wise.

(Also, we will have lots of overnight guests again this month [around 4 to 6 extra people for 12 days total], so the greatest challenge will be in our grocery bill. Any tips for me? I DO NOT want to admit defeat and whip out my debit card during the experiment!)

Anyway, to prepare myself for this month, I bought a new wallet! (Which, I know.) (But it will be so helpful!) (Stop rolling your eyes.)

So, wish us luck. Also, if you come over and I only offer water and oyster crackers, please don't un-friend me.

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  1. Mike has the same aversion to cash. Checks, too.