Monday, August 15, 2011

I am only going to say this once

I need to say this in fairness to the giant retailer, but I am loathe to.

(I can't even bear to type the words actually.)

Walmart is awesome.

They price match without asking for their competitor's ad as proof. They will even match another store brand's advertised price to their own store brand.

all in all I recommend that you shop there if you haven't before it's not that bad if you put blinders on just grab what you need and rush up to the register to pay the cashiers are becoming more and more competent and helpful and friendly and the price match policy can't be beat thank you walmart

Whew. Now let's all just move on with our lives.


  1. Ahhh hahaha!!! You crack me up :D

  2. LOL. I hate Walmart too but go there practically every time so I can one stop shop!!