Monday, August 22, 2011

Photos do exist from the past month

It's been awhile since I posted pictures of the girls. Actually, it's been awhile since I've even taken pictures of the girls.

Ryan was gone all day on Saturday, so I decided to be extra fun and do things like clean out closets, wash windows and blinds, and organize my desk. I also made homemade cookies and gave our girls manis and pedis. (Coralie got polish on her toes, but Mads got none. She still has virgin nails.)

Aaaanyway, something possessed me to put makeup on Coralie. That fun little activity turned out to be horrifying. I, well, I . . . I'll just have to show you.

UM, HOW OLD IS SHE? TWELVE? TWENTY? No, she's three.

It's just not even right, how big and pretty her eyes are. I didn't even use mascara! Who made her? God? Did those eyes, uh, skip a few million generations? Because I've never, ever seen anything so pretty in all my life.

 She's a shy one, that girl. Totally afraid of the camera.

Let's move on. A few weeks ago, two of Coralie's friends came over to play. They are, of course, princesses. Here's the proof.
Man, those are cute girls. And girly girls. And very sweet girls. 

Speaking of sweet, here is our sweet Madeline. (Who has been healthy for an entire MONTH now. A whole month! Woo hoo! I was almost feeling cocky enough to put her in the germ pit, AKA church nursery, yesterday morning. Almost.) 
That skin, those blue eyes, that smile. Yikes.

She is the happiest waker of all time. Well, at least of our household. This is what she looks like when you go get her up from a nap.

She's become quite the chaser and game-player. Here she was en route to ambush me.

I'll leave you with a very poetic and symbolic picture. My girls are growing up, forging their own relationship outside of me. They have their own language and their own games. They are fiercely loyal and devoted to each other. And while Coralie is usually the leader, she won't go where Madeline doesn't.

Or, I could have just snapped a random picture that has no deeper meaning.

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  1. Ok, no more makeup for Coralie (what did Ryan say?!) and again with the "Madeline looks so big" comment.