Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Murder at the Four Deuces

The murder mystery party was so fun! Everyone seemed to have a really great time, and even though some people didn't know anyone else there and no one (but us) knew everyone there, people got along really well. I don't know if our friends are just that awesome (they are) or if being in character was an easy way to have strangers interact, but I think everyone felt involved and included. Some of the most reserved people really came out of their shells and had great "performances", and the most rowdy people gave their characters so much life that it really felt we were with the mafia family from the 1920s!

Some of you were curious to see how this party went before deciding if you wanted to host one, too. (I'm looking at you especially, Erin!) I do recommend buying the game from here  if you are looking to host one of these parties.  There are several themes to choose from, by the way-- you are not stuck with the 1920s theme, though that is the most popular game. And most games are made for smaller crowds, so you can definitely do this on a much smaller scale. The murder mystery parties are a lot of work and take at least a month to plan, but the game comes with everything you need (minus the costumes, food, decorations, and guests!).

I decided to have the food catered since that was one less thing I would have to do that day, but you don't even necessarily need a bunch of fancy food. If you are doing the high school reunion one, for instance, you can serve punch and typical reunion fare (whatever that is). I chose to do all foods from the 1920s, which included toasted ravioli, stuffed eggs (which would later become what we know as deviled eggs), brown bread sandwiches (this was the weirdest thing-- the bread comes already baked and in a can!), meatballs, and stuffed celery. Plus nuts, cheese, grapes, crackers, and olives. Plus wine, wine, and more wine!

As for the decor, I just tried to stay within the art deco/ lavish themes of the 20s. Pearls and boas and jewelry were my mainstays. (My mom was the biggest help in the whole universe on this front.) We turned the lighting low so it would feel like a speakeasy and had a bouncer at the door to demand the password.

We also decided to have a friend take pictures of each couple as they came in so we could have a record of everyone's costumes. He did a great job with the pictures-- I love all of them!

Anyway, I am sure you have seen all of the pictures on facebook already, but in case you haven't, here are a few highlights.

A group shot, minus one couple who had to leave early because of a sick child

Each couple got a shot like this

We staged the wine so it would look like it had been shipped to us

The guests entered through our bedroom deck door, so we had to stage our bedroom as well

The birthday boy/ Sly Sleaze

One of our guests was unexpectedly murdered!

There was a lot of extortion and bribery going on all night

This is one of my favorite shots because this couple didn't know anyone else there but still ended up having fun :)

So, yes, host yourself one of these parties. I don't think you'll regret it!


  1. Yes! Thanks for the shoutout. I knew your mom would be so helpful. I'm glad she was there to help. I've really been thinking of having one - maybe towards Halloween? You guys wanna come down to help? :)

  2. You did SUCH an amazing job with this party, everything was PERFECT! We had a blast and are still talking about the evening :)