Friday, July 15, 2011

If they made caffeinated clothes, I would wear them

Oh you guys. I am a tired one today. I literally got slim to no sleep last night. (Although if I am being all technical-y here, and I am, I am not sure exactly how much "slim sleep" really is.)

Guess why I didn't sleep last night.

Go ahead, try. Take a guess.

(I'll wait.)

Yes, you're absolutely right! Madeline is sick again! That poor baby. As sorry as I feel for myself, I feel so much worse for her. She doesn't want to eat, can't sleep, and is so cranky that I just know she feels like hell.

So anyway, as you are tucking your kids (or yourself) into bed tonight, say a prayer for Mads. I would love for that sweet child to know what it means to be healthy for more than a few weeks at a time.


  1. She will absolutely be in our prayers.

  2. OHHHHHH no. That's never fun. I will pray for her - sick babies are never fun.