Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top Ten Reasons You Missed Me*

In chronological order:

10. Ryan cut Madeline's hair and I was so embarrassed about it I couldn't even get out of bed.

9. The weather was so nice that we spent a great deal of time outside.

8. I was out of town, with these girls. (Yes, Robin, I stole the only picture anyone took all weekend!)

7. I had the stomach flu.

6. Coralie had the stomach flu.

5. Madeline had the stomach flu.

4. We stained both of our decks and our front porch railings, which took ALL DAY LONG. I wish I had pictures of this because we gave Coralie a teeny, tiny paintbrush so she could "help" us, and she did a great job! But she was in her underwear as we knew oil based stain + three year old = ruined clothes.

3. Ryan got the stomach flu.

2. When I last sat down to write, I got a call from a close friend and just HAD to chat for an hour.

1. Parenthood (the TV show) is sooooo good that it demands my complete attention, Internet be darned.

And now it is Wednesday. I have book club tonight and then a date with THE CARDINALS when I get back. And then another date with the Cardinals tomorrow night after a class at the gym. Also, GO CARDS.

 So you could say the past week or so has been characterized by Lysol and laundry and TV. I know you're jealous of my glamorous life. I sure am.

*This is a less humble way of saying, "Here's my alibi."


  1. Ryan cut her hair? Miss you guys!

  2. Ten reasons why I'm glad you're back: 1) Madeline is a doll and I like pictures of her; 2) Coralie is a doll and I like pictures of her; 3) your life is more exciting than mine; 4) You are smart to save $880 by staining your deck yourself; 5) I want to be with your girls; 6) I want to be with you; 7) I have a big pot of chili cooking to share as we watch tonight's game; 8) I need a haircut but I will go to my usual person even though Ryan is good enough; 9) I am sorry you have all been sick; and 10) Go Cards!!