Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Thrice this week in my Facebook newsfeed a quote has popped up that essentially says that if you have a clean house, your priorities are out of line. That well-loved children are better than an immaculate home, and that it’s one or the other. 
When I read that quote, I immediately felt guilty. For the record, I agree. However, I like having a clutter-free home, and to the best of my ability I maintain that. In my wedding vows to Ryan, I even said something about creating a harmonious home environment, and to me, that partly means that I straighten my home every day. But that Facebook quote makes me feel bad for doing so, like I am not able to play with or love on my children because I have a clean(ish) house. 
That’s all beside the point though. That quote, coupled with my reaction to it, made me think about something much more important than toy bins and happy children.
What I really want to say is this: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for every time I said something that made you feel bad about your choices . . . your priorities . . . yourself. 
I turn thirty tomorrow. They say that the twenties are full of ignorance and ambition and selfishness and that the thirties bring wisdom and confidence. Since I’m not actually thirty yet, I can’t attest to that, but what I can attest to is that I have learned a lot these past twenty-nine-plus years. 
One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that people don’t need my opinion or assessments. They just need my love and acceptance. My mom recently shared a quote with me (as usual, I don’t remember the originator of this quote) that said something to the effect of, “If you assume each person you meet is hurting, you’re probably right.”
One goal for this next decade of my life is to encourage those I love, including myself, more. 
(I will probably still clean my house, though.)

Cheers to a new decade!


  1. Your goal is also my goal! Your confession is also my confession! Perhaps we are all alike--hopeful, sorrowful, and, yes, hurting. Maybe our only difference is how much or how little a clean house means!

  2. Well, if there is one thing I have learned from the chaos of having 3 little kids, it's that cleaning your house is one little thing that you can control. And everyone COULD spend more time with their kids, but everyone chooses to do different things with their time. If they don't clean, they probably spend more time on FB, run a photography business, etc. :) Here's a quote for ya: "A happy mommy equals happy kids." Do what you need to do to be the best you, and your kids will be juuuuuuuust fine. :) (And I also apologize if I have ever made you feel bad about having a clean house. I'm probably jealous.)