Saturday, May 19, 2012


If I think about it too much, I get really anxious about how quickly our time on this earth passes. Even if we do make it to 80 or 90 years old, that’s not very long to be alive. Every day that passes is a day I don’t get back . . .  my wedding day, the birth of my first child, the last time Madeline slept in her crib . . .  these are all memories now.
Memories. I know I’m only 29 (ok, to be perfectly honest, I will be 30 in two more months), but already memories hold significant meaning for me. I can only imagine how much I will treasure memories in another fifty years.
I have been exceedingly blessed to have only happy memories. Sure, I remember hard seasons of life, like my first year of marriage, and I remember unhappy seasons of life, like when I had an identity crisis after Coralie was born, but the vast majority of my memories are happy. Even stages that are supposed to be full of heartache and difficulty (like the teen years) are only remembered in terms of how much my parents fought for me to make wise decisions and how much love there was in our home. Yes, I am sure there were many fights and I know there were many tears, and I am sure my histrionics made my parents want to send me away, but that’s not what I remember.
If all goes as things should, I will be bringing my third daughter home in a few weeks. My time as a mother of two little ones is quickly coming to a close. Yes, the days are so very long, but the years have flown by. 
These are some of the memories I have.

The day I became a mother
 The day I became a mother of two
The day my babies became sisters
Sisters becoming friends
Dress up days
Bedtime snuggles
 Time at the lake
Many, many trips to the zoo with my girls
 Morning toy time
 My Mads Cat
My eternal Fairy Princess Coralie

And most recently, these (with credit going to Angela Kleinsasser Photography and Design):
 Best Friends Forever
 The wild, nonverbal, precocious Madeline
 The sweet, smart, very verbal Coralie
 No, they're not always picture perfect, but they're MINE
My cup overflows

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  1. Oh my goodness Kathryn, you have such a way with words. Another beautifully written post :) And, I absolutely adore those new photos of the girls!