Monday, April 23, 2012

A self-reprimand and a catch-up

Me: Hey, did you know that it's been MORE THAN a month since you've posted on your blog?
Me: ...
Me: You should feel guilty about this.

I guess the upside to this being my blog is that while the guilt of absence totally belongs to me, so does the judgment that is meted out. Thankfully, I decided to cut myself some slack.

So, let's catch up on this past month. Let's see. . . we moved Madeline into Coralie's room this past week. There are some serious parties happening in there when the lights go out. Some of the parties die off around 10pm and then resume at 4am. I love to hear their giggles, but someone please tell me that these parties don't last forever and that I will indeed have well rested older children by the time I bring a newborn home!

I promise that's not a dresser drawer. That is a trundle bed.
The girls LOVE sharing a room. They are best friends (for now? forever?) and actually want to go to bed (although I have a feeling it's for the parties and not for the sleeping, because I am smart like that).

Also, I am bigger now. (Side note: does anyone else find it strange that anyone -- A N Y O N E -- can feel the freedom to touch a pregnant woman's stomach or comment on how she looks? It is just so strange to have men I hardly know commenting on how I look pregnant. I mean, people are very kind in their comments of course, but still. I am not sure I am comfortable with people noticing how my body is changing. And also, I realize this might sound braggy, but I promise it's not. I don't think I look different at all, but other people apparently do. For instance, people have been telling me how beautiful I look, as if this is a total contrast to how I normally look. The first few times I was told I look beautiful, I was all, "Oh, thanks! That is such a nice thing to say!" But now, I'm all [internally of course] "What, do I normally look like a dog? Why is everyone so SURPRISED that I look ok? Even Ryan told me that he 'actually liked my face' one day. DO I NEED TO INVEST IN SOME PREGNANCY HORMONES TO MAKE PEOPLE TOLERATE MY FACE AT ALL ONCE THIS BABY COMES OUT? Because I am starting to be paranoid about this.) Insecurities aside, I feel pretty good. I don't feel as big as I look (but then again, I may not be a good judge of how I look), and as long as I take Zantac, my pregnancy symptoms are relegated to the baby's movements.

I think I have nothing else to report. We hang out here some days, go to the zoo other days, and just generally eat, sleep, and play. Ryan's company's annual meeting is this week, so I will not see him until either Thursday night or Friday morning. I have lots of playdates and activities scheduled to break up the days.

Oh, I have also been Prepping for Baby. No, I haven't washed a stitch of laundry or packed for the hospital, but I have been cleaning quite a bit. Baseboards, windows (which are already finger-printed again), doors, etc have never looked better. This baby may not have clean clothes to wear, but, by golly, she will come home to a clean(ish) house!

Ok, the girls have been drawing on their kitchen while I type, and I am pretending not to notice, but I better intervene before things get (more) out of control.

Peace out.


  1. Hahaha!!! You, my friend, are funny :D You are absolutely stunning both pregnant and not pregnant - trust me. I think people are so used to seeing how different from their normal self some women look when pregnant, that they are blown away by how you don't look any different when you're pregnant. I don't even know if I'm making any sense, but the point of it is you're a knockout no matter what :)

  2. I love your writing and yes, you are both funny and always beautiful, and very witty and smart to boot. And you apparently have a coupla' Party Girls! Lucky you! Love, Dad

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