Thursday, January 19, 2012

The third time is not so charming (I'm talking about naming the baby, not the baby herself) (just to be clear)

As I mentioned, we are having another little girl. I couldn't be happier! I love having little girls and watching them figure out girl things like purses and make-up and shoes. I also love that their daddy pushes them to be thinkers and designers and creators.

I know there will be challenges in our future, not the least of which will be how to pay for three weddings or whether or not to allow dorky teenage boys to take our daughters anywhere or how to handle all the D R A M A that comes with teenage girls.

But we have a more pressing problem.We have absolutely no idea what to name her. I opened up my Facebook page to suggestions, and I got about a kajillion good names thrown my way. But I am finding out that naming a child is a very personal decision. For instance, there were several votes for Kennedy, which is a name I also happen to adore. Also, there were some not-good-at-all names thrown my way, and I can't tell if these were offered up in jest or not. So. I will not be making the rest of this naming journey all-inclusive. (If you're one of the people who suggested a name, I assure you, I LOVED THE NAME.)

I will share one more story about naming Baby Girl Number Three, though. One day,  I asked Coralie for her input.

Me: Coralie, what should we name your baby sister?
Coralie: Coralie.
Me: Well, that IS a lovely name, but couldn't that be confusing?
C: No.
Me: Well, what if I said, Hey, Coralie, I have some candy for you! Which Coralie would I be talking to?
C: Me.
Me: Ok, well, what if I said, Coralie, you made a poor decision and disobeyed. Now you will have to get a spanking. Which Coralie would I be talking to then?
C: The other Coralie.
Me: Oh.

Well, then. Back to square one.


  1. Makes sense to me. They could have some fun with that one. There were five Sarahs in my senior math class - our teacher was quite confused on a daily basis.

  2. Coralie makes a lot of sense. If one can't have an evil twin to blame things on, then one must have an evil sister. We should all be so fortunate!