Thursday, December 8, 2011

These recent weeks, in pictures

Our very, very, very, dear, dear, dear friends came into town in October. Once upon a time, we saw them multiple times a week. Now we happily take what we can get and survive on texts and calls in the interim. This lovely lady below is pregnant with her third child. Actually, she is 36 weeks right now. Isn't she beautiful? 

We still managed to get in our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with them. These girls have been going together since they were babies. Now they are pilots. Wow, where does the time go?
A very precarious double-rider trike experience led to--you guessed it--a crash. Unfortunately, my child was the one at the handlebars, so now her driving record more closely resembles her father's than her mother's.
Finally! A picture of the perfect, precious, and power-walker Madeline.
The annual school bus shot. Madeline looks like she wants to make a run for it, and Coralie and Cammy are breaking the rules of "one child per seat". Awesome.

Ryan's place of employment loves them some dressed up kiddos on Halloween. So we all bundled up our little trick-or-treaters and took them on a "parade" around the office.
Our fairy
Our kitty
Coralie got more and more bold as the night went on and even tried entering many of the homes. Madeline got more and more snuggly.

Oh yeah! Ryan and I went to Vegas and left our kids in St Louis over Thanksgiving! This picture is taken INSIDE our hotel. It's crazy what they can build in Vegas. (Also, they kids did great with their grandparents, so that will make adult-only vacations that much more tempting. Though I am not sure Ryan would want to take me anywhere again as I slept so much he worried that I had mono.)
Inside my favorite hotel, the Wynn. This garden was gorgeous. Yes, I am wearing the same outfit in the above picture, and these three photos encompass every single picture we took on the trip. Yes, I only took three pictures, and I took them all on the same day. Guess who won't be making a Shutterfly vacation book?
 A close-up of the garden in the Wynn. Do you think I could make this in my bedroom?
 Also, Coralie got her hair cut. She looks twice as old now, don't you think?

The end


  1. AH! Can't believe she has short hair now! Miss you guys!

  2. 1) I forgot you guys went to Vegas! How much fun was it?!?! We stayed at the Encore - the sister to the Wynn and thought it was the most beautiful hotel ever. I'd go back in a heartbeat. Maybe the four of us can take an adult only trip back in like 6 years? :)

    2) LOVE CORALIE'S HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the girls' costumes! Adorable!

  4. Thanks for the lovely photos! Hopefully Coralie was driving a Volvo trike. :)